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If you’re looking for SEO services in Lancashire then you’ve landed on the right website. My name is Billy Craig and I’m an SEO expert with 9 years of experience in the industry.

Since 2008, I’m helping clients to achieve high rankings in Google. Whether it’s more traffic, more leads, more sales and more conversions, I got you covered. I’ve worked for some big agencies and then decided to start offering SEO services on a freelance basis. By going with me, you’ll get great results for a reasonable price. No more agency fluff. No more crazy fees. No more self-proclaimed experts who ruin your website and business.

More about my SEO Lancashire service

I love SEO and I love working with different types of businesses. To help you decide whether I’m the right guy for you, let me explain the types of clients I work with.

  • Small local business owners.

Do you have a small website that targets a local niche but you’re still not getting any traffic due to no rankings? Perfect! I’ll help you out and soon enough, you’ll pop up on the first page of Google which will increase your traffic, leads and profit.

  • Medium-sized projects

Do you have a business that targets some other areas than just Lancashire? No problem, I have experience with countless national SEO campaigns. I will get your project to the next level by getting you the exposure on Google organic search results.

  • Big Keywords

Are you going after some competitive terms like solicitors, real estate agents etc.? I’ve ranked several websites in competitive industries and I’m not afraid of any keywords.

  • Joint venture

Are you starting a business and need marketing service as well as a partner? I can offer my expertise and provide the SEO service for free in exchange for the shares.

Get in touch and let’s talk about the details! You can also check some of my SEO case studies to have an overview of my skills.

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