3-Month SEO strategy

seo strategy

What makes us the best SEO service in Lancashire is the long-term strategy we always have in mind when it comes to implementing our SEO service.

The first month consist mostly of an in-depth SEO audit followed by implementing the best on-page SEO practices. This includes things like site load speed optimization, keyword density checks, duplicate content checks, internal structure optimization, URL optimization, robots file checks etc. We’ll be running your website through multiple services as well as implement manual checks in order to pick all the errors and potential complications that could develop in the next stages of the SEO campaign. This will increase the impact of our further off-page SEO efforts.

The following stage is establishing trust between your brand and Google. We’ll be spreading the good word about your brand name across multiple high authority platforms which only proves to Google that you’re a valuable business that deserves to be shown high in the rankings.

After the branding stage, we’ll be focusing on the targeted keyword areas and implement all the best practices to rank you higher for them. This process is repeated until we rank you for all the targeted keywords on the first page. After that, we’re making sure to maintain our rankings and also offer you an option to expand your services, which we talk more about in the additional SEO services section over here.