5 Things to Know Before Investing in SEO Lancashire

educating seo clients

When it comes to SEO, a lot of clients are not properly educated which leads to confusions, disappointment and friction between the client and the the service provider. In this post, we’ll have a look at a few common SEO misconceptions that will help you understand the dynamics of this process. If you’d like to get professional SEO service for Lancashire as well as other locations and national SEO campaigns, make sure to click the link.

  1. SEO Takes Time

If you’re looking for immediate results, they search engine optimization is not the best method. Increasing your organic traffic is a long-term process that takes months.  You’ll notice first movements a lot faster than that but this still won’t be high enough to see any traffic increase. At the end of the day, most people don’t go below the first page. Whenever I start working with a new client, I make sure that they realize the time I will need to rank their website. For the local SEO in Lancashire, it takes around 3 months for the proper results if you have an existing website already. But if it’s a brand new project, it might take anything between 3 and 6 months. As you can see, it’s important to keep working on your site’s SEO and be persistent, even if you don’t experience the results right away. Give it a few months, and the hard work I’ve put in your project will pay off.

  1. PPC doesn’t impact your SEO

I worked with several clients in Lancashire and some of them thought that PPC would have a positive impact on their SEO because you’re spending money with Google. This is an absolute myth. There is zero correlation between better Google rankings and your PPC budget. I’ve ranked countless clients in various industries in Lancashire and beyond who didn’t spend a single penny on Pay per Click.

  1. Trying to speed up the process might only hurt your site

I’ve dealt with various types of clients in my SEO career and some of them will call me every day to catch up on the progress and see if anything has changed. If that happens, I try to remind the client again about the fact that SEO takes time and there is no need for daily or weekly catch ups. If the client keeps doing that, usually I have to cancel our cooperation because this just stops me on delivering the SEO services for other customers. Fortunately, it’s a rare instance because I always make sure to make my clients aware of all the aspects and insights of SEO.

  1. Doing extra SEO on your own will definitely hurt your site.

I’ve met some clients who wanted to be really helpful and on the top of my SEO service, they would find some information on the internet and try to do additional SEO themselves hoping that this would give an extra push. The fact is, in 99% of the cases this will harm your website. There is a lot of useful information on the internet but there is also plenty of misconceptions and myths. Doing SEO on your own is a very easy way to penalize your website and never see any positive ranking improvements.

  1. Once I rank, I no longer have to pay

Some of my previous customers expected a free SEO service after they ranked. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work that way. In order to keep your rankings in place, I have a monthly cost. If a customer decided to cancel the service, they will soon lose the rankings. The fact is, my number one goal is to make SEO free for you. What does it mean? Once you rank, you’ll get enough leads and sales to cover the SEO expenses and make a nice profit on the top of that. At the end of the day, this is how internet marketing works.