Additional SEO Services

additional seo services

Let’s have a look at a few more additional services that we offer at Billy SEO.

Brand domination: in this service, we’ll make sure to control all the results of the first page of Google that pop up for your brand name. This is helpful to push all the negative reviews further as well as prevent your competitors from ranking any negative content for your brand name. This service is usually preferred by lawyers and big brands, but can be applied to any type of business. All you need is a brand name that we can rank for. You’ll have access to all the properties that rank on the first page.

Keyword domination: instead of picking new keyword areas, we’ll rank additional properties for the same keywords. Even if you rank at the first position for your targeted keyword, you’ll only get roughly 40% of the search volume. However, if we control the properties ranking at 1st, 2nd and 3rd position, you’ll be effectively getting over 90% of the traffic.

Piggybacking on others’ brand names: another effective method to get more traffic and customers is ranking a comparison review between your competitor and your business which will favour your side. We’ll rank it for your competitor’s brand name which will allow you to steal part of their traffic and convert them to your customers because of the comparison that favours your brand.

Keyword expansion: another simple method to get you more traffic if you already rank for the initial target keywords is to expand the keyword areas by including new location, variations of the services and more long-tail keywords. This usually involves adding more content to your website.

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