SEO Seminar

Who should attend the SEO Lancashire Seminar?

This seminar is perfect for anyone who wants to use search engine optimization to:

  • Get more qualified leads for less money
    Attendees include: Online marketers, e-commerce retailers, brand managers, product managers, event planners, PR professionals, small business owners, marketing consultants, newsletter publishers, content developers, bloggers, ad agencies…
  • Enhance your SEO skills to advance your career
    Attendees include: Web developers, copywriters, marketing managers, IT managers, programmers, web editors, sales & marketing consultants…
  • Better manage your SEO agency by increasing your own know-how
    If you’re already working with an SEO agency – or in the process of selecting one – this seminar will help you manage that process much more effectively. There’s nothing like a little SEO knowledge to keep your consultant or agency honest!

NOTE: You do NOT need to have a technical or SEO background to benefit greatly from this seminar. Instead, you might also want to get a service.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn how to implement the SEO Winning Process, a step-by-step guide to generating higher rankings and more qualified leads.

Whether you’re a marketing manager who will oversee SEO at a strategic level or a programmer creating the site architecture and navigation, you’ll leave the seminar with a detailed roadmap (aka SEO strategy) for getting SEO done quickly and effectively. This will also include some case studies.

The SEO Winning Process is based on over a decade of real-world, trial-and-error experience. If you just follow the steps we’ve outlined, you will avoid common and costly SEO mistakes, sparing yourself hundreds of hours of grief and thousands of dollars in wasted effort.

Do you cover pay-per-click or paid search marketing?

At our Search Marketing 101 course we cover paid and natural/organic search (SEO) as well as search user behavior, web analytics and the legal considerations of search marketing.

The SEO Lancashire Seminar focuses exclusively on search engine optimization.

Remember: 87% of all search engine referrals come from the organic rankings generated by SEO. Paid search ads account for just 13%. That’s why it’s crucial to start with search engine optimization. Once that’s in place, then you can enhance your SEO efforts with a paid search strategy.